Enjoy your own beautiful wildflower spaces

We supply Wildflower Turf and Seed. Install and maintain Wildflower, Prairie Meadows, Lawns & Pembrokeshire Hedgebanks.

Meadow Creations is based in Pembrokeshire, South West Wales, from where we offer advice on creating and installing wildflower spaces. For the  past 13 years I  have been Production Manager for Wildflower Turf the original and leading supplier of Wildflower turf products in the UK.

If it’s garden space, a paddock, a roof or wall, in shade or sun, to be more natural i.e. a traditional hay meadow or an area with vibrant colour; we can create!


Premium Product


We supply a premium product that is adapted to suit your area and have the full benefits of enhancing the natural environment.

Accredited Installer

We are an accredited Wildflower Turf Installer and offer a full installation service, maintenance and cutting regime; helping to keep your wildflower space looking its best throughout the year.

High Quality Service

Having worked for the UK’s leading wild flower turf grower, which has supplied turf to many high profile projects including the 2012 Olympics.

Why have a Wildflower Space?

We know that wildflower spaces are crucial for our environment, providing a range of nectar rich plants; which help sustain native pollinators e.g. bees; of which there are 22 species in Wales. Habitat is vitally important for butterflies, moths, invertebrates, birds, hedgehogs and bats to support biodiversity and our ecosystem.

Wildflower spaces are incredibly beneficial for us humans too and no matter if you’re young or old, having a rich, diverse environment, will bring you closer to nature. Taking time to observe the array of colours with our senses throughout the changing seasons; benefiting our health and wellbeing. It is a known fact that being out in the natural environment reduces levels of anxiety, stress and depression.

Supporting the environment and native pollinators

Providing a natural habitat for various wildlife

Beneficial for our health and wellbeing


Products & Services We Offer

Wildflower Landscape Turf

A turf of ‘traditional hay meadow look’; containing 34 UK native wildflowers and grasses.


Native Enriched Turf

A turf giving a ‘cottage garden look’; containing approximately 30 native wildflowers.


Shade Tolerant Turf

A turf which thrives equally well in areas of more prolonged shade as well as full sun,


Meadowscape Pro

A blended substrate with wildflower seed added giving excellent seed distribution throughout.


Transform any space into a wildflower haven



Trevor -We would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you for helping us transform both the front and rear gardens of our forever home in Brechfa.From the very beginning, after our first email to Meadow Creations, Trevor has guided and advised us each step of the way. As novice gardeners we certainly needed all the help we could get. The meadow lawn at the front of our house is amazing. Each day is different and currently the daisies stand proud. Pinks and yellows and whites. Just beautiful.Trevor certainly rose to the challenge on the back garden. After filling four 1.5 ton Hippo bags and more than 30 visits to Carmarthen recycling center, we cleared most of the garden and after the arrival of the sturdy Meadow Creations lawn, it’s now truly magnificent.This is certainly a five star plus rating on all fronts. Advice, service, assistance, and patience. Our forever home is now our palace.Lesley Frances Evans

Lesley Evans - June 2021