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Lawn to Wildflower Meadow Part 2

The Meadowscape Pro was installed to a depth of 25mm and was well watered on the 20th March which was the start of a very dry Spring.

3 Types of Meadowscape were laid those being the Landscape 34, Native Enriched and the Shade Tolerant. Seed started to germinate a month later the first photo was taken on 23 April.

The 4th photo was taken on the 22nd May showing a distant shot of the meadow the plants were well established now.

Photos 5 and 6 were taken on June 11th with the Poppies, Vypers Buglos and Borage coming into flower. The Bees and other  pollinators were were soon in abundance  in this now thriving meadow. The last photos were taken on the 1st of August and our transformation from lawn to meadow is complete!



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